CEDAR RAPIDS — Family-owned and operated Sushi House on Cedar Rapids’ southwest side, serves fresh Japanese and Chinese food and sushi.

Vincent Chia (currently Sushiya), who brought family members from New York to help run the business, opened Sushi House in 2004. He recently moved, leaving his original partner, Peter Wu, to run the kitchen and Sharon and Michael Chia to run the front of the house. Peter’s son Kevin has taken over the sushi bar as well as administrative duties.

Kevin made a move from the financial industry to join the family business two years ago, inspired by his mother who wanted him to help take care of the restaurant. He has since learned the art of making sushi from his uncle Vincent and spends nearly every day at Sushi House. The same is true for the rest of the family. Sushi House is only closed on Thanksgiving Day.

Conscious of their Midwest location, Sushi House not only offers a large variety of sushi, including rolls, sashimi (a piece of raw fish atop rice) and nigiri (a piece of raw fish), but also Chinese and Japanese entrees.

Appetizers range from $3.25 for two egg rolls or two shrimp spring rolls to $8.00 for soft shell crab, eight wontons or some spicy sesame cold noodle. Kevin Wu says one of their most popular appetizers is the volcano scallop ($7.95), which is a large deep fried scallop with crab meat salad on top with eel sauce and spicy mayo over a bed of carrots.

Presentation and originality are important at Sushi House.

A variety of salads range from $3.50 for a cucumber sunomono to $7.50 for a love boat (creamy chopped scallop inside an avocado half made to look like a boat).

Sushi House offers typical Japanese and Chinese entrees as well as original creations by Peter Wu, who makes all the sauces and dishes. Some of the more popular entrees include General Tso Chicken served over asparagus ($13.95), grand prawns with honey walnut ($15.50) and Peter Wu’s original creation, Mandarin stuffed eggplant ($14.95).

Sushi rolls range from $3.75 for a Kappa Maki cucumber roll to $15 for a Chef’s Special Manhaton roll (tobiko, scallion, avocado and eel over a spicy tuna crunch roll). Sushi rolls come raw or cooked.

Daily lunch specials are offered from both the kitchen and the sushi bar.

These are items that are not normally on the menu so customers can try new things and Kevin Wu and Peter Wu can experiment with new dishes.

Eight dinner courses are served with soup and salad and feature a mixture of rolls, sashimi and nigiri and range in price from $12 to $32.

A large vegetarian menu is available, as well as children-friendly options. Wine, beer and saki are also available.
Be prepared for a wait on the weekends; call (319) 396-1990 for large groups